Our Products

Our Products

Our Products

All our shipments are shipped discreetly and safely with your
privacy and safety as our top priorities.

What this Means.

Always Shipped Discretely

Your business is your business.

Understanding that our members are not all guys or girls that want their business out in the world, we ship all of our products with discrete packaging that allows you to live your life comfortably. Rather you’re a young adult in the trial and error period or a couple that understands exactly what happens, you deserve privacy.

Bottom line, we want you to enjoy your life while taking care of your business. And let’s keep the private moments private.

Our Condoms are 100% FDA Approved

Safety , Reliability, and Quality

We take your safety in our highest regards. Be A Dandy condoms are 100% FDA approved condoms. All our condoms are 100% latex condoms made from premium quality latex to uphold the highest industry standards. Each and every condom has passed the rigorous safety and quality tests of the Food and Drug Administration.

Be a Dandy

Everyones been there.

We understand the awkwardness of condom purchases, but also know the greatness of a good condom. We believe safe sex no longer needs to start with a weird late night stop at the grocery store or you realizing your roommate is an absolute ass when you wake him up for a favor. It’s not the most romantic moment after a late night or a nice dinner and movie finding a condom.

Save the awkwardness for the morning after, and not the random phone call nine months later. That's a joke.

Your Choices.

Your Choices.

Your Choices.

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